Sharmistha Majumdar

Sharmistha Majumdar is an Associate Professor in Biological Engineering. She received a B.Sc. in Presidency College, Univ. of Calcutta in 1997, received a M.Sc. (1999) from Madurai Kamaraj University and a Ph.D. (2006) from the Cornell University,. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley from Dec 2007 – Dec 2013. She is currently a Principal Investigator of the SM-Lab at IIT Gandhinagar. Her research interests lie in Evolution of mobile genetic elements/ transposons: mechanisms of transposition and control, Modifications of function in transposase homologs, Biochemical/biophysical/structural characterization of nucleotide-binding & nucleic acid-binding proteins, Genomic and proteomic analysis of transposases and transposase homologs.


Selected Publications

  • Majumdar S., Singh A. and Rio D.C. The human THAP9 gene encodes an active P element DNA transposase. Science . 2013 Jan 25;339(6118):446-8.
  • Majumdar S. and Rio D.C. Specificity of DNA-Protein Recognition by THAP9 Family DNA Binding Domains. Submitted.
  • Majumdar S., Libeu S. and Rio D.C.Molecular evolution of novel hyperactive P-element transposase mutants. Submitted.
  • Majumdar S., Ramachandran S., Cerione R.A. New insights into the role of conserved, essential residues in the GTP -binding/GTP hydrolytic reaction of large G proteins. J. Biol. Chem. 2006 Apr 7; 281(14): 9219-9226. Epub 2006 Feb 9.
  • Majumdar S., Ramachandran S., Cerione R.A. Perturbing the linker regions of the alpha- subunit of transducin: a new class of constitutively active GTP- binding proteins. J. Biol. Chem. 2004 Sep 17; 279(38): 40137 -40145. Epub 2004 Jul 22.


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