Himanshu Shekhar

Himanshu Shekhar is an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering. He received a M.S. (2010) and a Ph.D. (2014) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He completed Postdoctoral training at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine from 2014 to 2019. He is currently a Principal Investigator of the Medical Ultrasound Engineering (MUSE) Lab at IIT Gandhinagar. His research focuses on therapeutic applications of ultrasound and imaging with ultrasound contrast agents.

Selected Publications

  • H. Shekhar, R. Kleven, T. Peng, A. Palaniappan, K. Karani, S. L. Huang, D. D. McPherson, and C. K. Holland, “In vitro characterization of sonothrombolysis and echocontrast agents to treat ischemic stroke”, Scientific Reports, 9:9902 (2019).
  • H. Shekhar, A. Palaniappan, T. Peng, M. R. Moody, K. J. Haworth, S. L. Huang, D. D. McPherson, and C. K. Holland, “Characterization and imaging of lipid-shelled microbubbles for ultrasound-triggered delivery of xenon” Neurotherapeutics, 16, 878 – 890 (2019).
  • H. Shekhar, N. Smith, J. L. Raymond, and C. K. Holland, “Effect of temperature on the size distribution, shell properties, and stability of Definity®,” Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 44, 434 – 436 (2018).
  • H. Shekhar, J. S. Rowan, and Marvin M. Doyley, “Combining subharmonic and ultraharmonic modes for intravascular ultrasound imaging: a preliminary evaluation,” Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 43, 2725 – 2732 (2017).
  • H. Shekhar, K.B. Bader, S. Huang, T. Peng, S. L. Huang, D. D. McPherson, and C. K. Holland, “In vitro assessment of thrombolytic efficacy of echogenic liposomes that co-encapsulate rt-PA and octafluoropropane gas,” Physics in Medicine and Biology. 62, 517 – 538 (2017).
  • H. Shekhar, S.J. Huntzicker, I. Awuor, and M. M. Doyley, “Chirp-coded ultraharmonic imaging with a modified clinical intravascular ultrasound system,” Ultrasonic Imaging. 38, 403 – 419 (2016).
  • H. Shekhar, I. Awuor, K. Thomas, J. J. Rychak, and M. M. Doyley, “The delayed onset of nonlinear emissions from phospholipid-encapsulated microbubble contrast agents: implications for imaging and therapy,” Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 40, 727 – 738, (2014).
  • H. Shekhar, J. J. Rychak, and M. M. Doyley, “Modifying the size distribution of microbubble contrast agents for high-frequency subharmonic imaging,” Medical Physics. 40, 082903-1 – 82903-10, (2013).
  • H. Shekhar and M. M. Doyley, “The response of phospholipid-encapsulated microbubbles to chirp-coded excitation: Implications for high-frequency nonlinear imaging,” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 133, 3145 – 3158, (2013).
  • H. Shekhar and M. M. Doyley, “Improving the sensitivity of subharmonic imaging at high frequencies with coded excitation: A feasibility study,” Medical Physics. 39, 2049 – 2060 (2012).


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